Who We Are

Our High School Mentorship Program is a six-month educational program created by the NAWBO SA Foundation in 1999 to encourage young women to begin exploring entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful.

NAWBO-SA Foundation is a volunteer organization within the NAWBO SA Chapter whose members give their passion, time, and money to support this program. As a collaborative effort between NAWBO-SA members, Wells Fargo representatives, school representatives and administrators, community leaders, university and corporate sponsors, the High School Mentorship Program reaches hundreds of teen women in high schools across San Antonio.


What We Do

Our Mission


Empower young women to reach for their dreams and design their own destiny.


Encourage education beyond high school as a means to achieving life dreams.


Emphasize the importance of financial literacy in achieving financial security.


Explore entrepreneurship as a means to financial independence and career freedom.


Educate in the skills necessary to drive their destiny.

How the Program Works

The program gives students the opportunity to network with women business owners and begin exploring what it takes to start a business. NAWBO-SA members, acting as School Champions, meet on the high school campus with participating students to mentor them on the life skills necessary to be successful. More than 125 teen high school women attend the all-day conferences. The conferences allow the students to interact with women business owners, learn about team building, and bringing business ideas to market.


These experiential conferences focus on developing strategies, learning business planning tools, and provide resources for the students to start their own business. The students attend a Business Plan Training session that provides a “tool kit” on how to prepare a business plan. The program ends with a Business Plan Competition that enables the participating students to define their dream business by submitting a business plan. A panel of judges consisting of NAWBO-SA members and partners reviews all entries and selects 4 finalists. Winners of the Business Plan Competition receive a total of $25,000 in scholarships to be used at an institution for higher education.